Accident Reconstruction

Virtual Reality Testing

As virtual reality technology continues to evolve, so will the applications in which it is used. From entertainment purposes to practical applications, the possibilities stretch across every industry and interest.  Kineticorp’s team of Forensic Animators and Accident Reconstructionists recognize the high possibility of virtual reality becoming part of everyday life and have begun virtual reality testing for litigation purposes.

Kineticorp’s Work to Date: 

Kineticorp has developed several demos of virtual reality (VR) animations/environments from pre-existing cases. The purpose of developing these demonstrations is to better understand the technology and prepare for future research projects and cases that may include the development of a VR environment. In addition, Kineticorp has utilized VR for jury projects to document and analyze focus groups reactions to the technology in the context of litigation. Tomas Owens is leading the Kineticorp team in our virtual reality testing and research.

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