Video Projection Mapping

Video tracking is a photogrammetric technique for obtaining three-dimensional data from a scene using video. Three-dimensional camera projection mapping is a computer visualization technique of wrapping or mapping video or photographs onto three-dimensional geometry and adjusting the size and shape of the map so it follows the size and shape of the target objects. Video projection mapping is a combination of these two methods. 

Publication Introduction:

In accident reconstruction, photogrammetry processes such as photograph rectification and camera matching are widely used to obtain measurements of roadway physical evidence. 3,4,5,6 This paper builds upon existing methods by applying rectification principles to each frame, or photograph, from an entire video. The analysis results in numerous rectified images along an entire stretch of roadway. Using the same video, a three-dimensional survey can also be created using previously published methods.2 The rectified images and video survey can then be combined to build a scaled threedimensional computer model of an accident scene that contains photographic quality evidence mapped onto the geometry…Read more

Full Publication:

SAE 2013-01-0788 – Video Projection Mapping Photogrammetry through Video Tracking


William Neal, Jim Marr, David Hessel 

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