Tomas Owens

Forensic Animator

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Tomas Owens has expertise in using 3D animation software and techniques, which enables him to recreate accident scenes, vehicles, characters and environments in an extremely accurate and lifelike manner. His specialty area is in character animation and motion capture, producing realistic human and vehicular movement based in the principles of physics.

Mr. Owens has developed his own in-house techniques in motion capture, which he has applied to specific cases, including a highway construction accident involving a complex sequence of human movement. This process allows the use of household Microsoft Kinect cameras to completely replace the need for capture within a studio and without the need for a suit. Without Tomas’ new technique, creating this motion would have taken up to eight times the amount of time involved.

Currently, Tomas leads a team of visualization specialists in creating the first generation of physics-based animations using virtual reality media. This cutting-edge concept, when put into practice, puts viewers and/or jury members virtually into the scene of the collision, enabling them to see and experience the scene as it happened, from any viewpoint desired.


  • Developed in-house method of motion capture usable on location and without requiring special clothing.
  • Research of use and development of Virtual Reality technology specifically for litigation


  • Animated trajectory analysis for TNT’s “Cold Justice” program, S03E21, aired 08/28/15.
  • Portrayed “The General” in a commercial for General Automobile Insurance Inc., San Francisco, July 2012.
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement, School of Animation & VFX, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, 2012.
  • Best Animated Short for a Motion Capture submission, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, Spring 2012.


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