Toby Terpstra

Principal Forensic Animator

• Video Analysis
• Photogrammetry
• 3D Computer Visualization

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Mr. Terpstra specializes in photogrammetry, video analysis, and 3D site reconstruction. He has testified in state and federal courts on civil and criminal matters. He has published peer-reviewed in the areas of reverse camera projection, onsite photogrammetry, lens distortion correction, photo-scanning, camera-matching photogrammetry, video analysis, 3D scene reconstruction, LiDAR, and acoustics. He is a certified forensic video technician and serves as a peer reviewer for research papers in the Occupant Protection: Accident Reconstruction Session for the SAE World Congress, for the Association of for Crime Scene Reconstruction, and the Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners.

Mr. Terpstra is also an instructor for the ACTAR accredited, three-day course offered by SAE titled: “Photogrammetry and Analysis of Digital Media”, where he pulls from years of experience working on cases involving product liability, vehicular accidents, tree failures, fires, sports injuries, industrial accidents, use of force, crime scenes and shooting incident reconstruction.

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Featured Publications:
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE),
Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction (ACSR)

Kineticorp investigated an officer-involved shooting that occurred at a residential apartment building. Officers were requested to respond to a residence where an individual was allegedly acting erratic and wielding a knife.

Kineticorp Photogrammetry Expert, Toby Terpstra, discusses his latest research on how experts can use USGS LiDAR, aerial images, and photogrammetry to reconstruct a scene when they are unable to access a site.

Kineticorp Senior Forensic Animator, Toby Terpstra, discusses our latest research “The Application of Augmented Reality to Reverse Camera Projection.” which he presented at SAE International‘s 2019 World Congress Event.

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