Tegan Smith

Forensic Animator
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Tegan Smith is a forensic animator and artist with a background in both traditional and digital art. Ms. Smith has worked as a professional Mural Painter for Bass Pro Shops, a Character Artist for the video game industry and a Freelance Illustrator for the medical field. She currently creates detailed and accurate visualizations at Kineticorp by producing accident reconstruction animations, medical animations, 2D and 3D exhibits, and more for the legal field.

Prior to joining Kineticorp, Ms. Smith was a forensic animator at Ponderosa Associates and also spent several years working in the video game industry. While there, she honed her skills in 3D modeling and animation. This knowledge combined with the skills acquired over the years has allowed her to develop a workflow to take 3D laser scan data and turn it into a digital 3D model for use in animations and simulations.

Ms. Smith received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Colorado State University and is currently working toward earning her ACTAR and Medical Illustration certification.

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