Steven Beier

Forensic Animator
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Steven Beier is a forensic animator at Kineticorp, specializing in the development of technical graphics and animations relating to accident analysis and reconstruction. Currently, Mr. Beier is creating accident reconstruction animations in virtual reality environments, as part of Kineticorp’s virtual reality team.

Mr. Beier’s technical skills include three-dimensional modeling, lighting, rendering, and animation, with additional experience developing real-time graphics for web and mobile devices. His experience in development for mobile devices includes scene optimization for mobile publishing, scripting for interactivity, and custom shader writing. Past projects have included photogrammetric reconstruction of cultural heritage sites, real-time architectural visualization, and apps designed to educate through the use of visualization.

Mr. Beier’s early work in neuroscience research focused on video imaging of calcium ion transients in single hippocampal neurons in conjunction with electrophysiological recordings of neural activity. He then went on to study the proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells and precursor cells in the developing and adult brain.

Mr. Beier has experience with the following biological sciences laboratory techniques:

  • Fluorescence, confocal, and multi-photon microscopy with experience in image analysis using MATLAB
  • Single-cell electrophysiological recording
  • Immunofluorescent staining of cells and tissue
  • Recombinant DNA design and construction
  • Isolation and maintenance of neuronal cells and tissue in culture
  • Microarray-based gene expression profiling and analysis
  • Micro-patterning of neuronal growth substrates

The Journal of Physiology
Brain Research
PLoS Genetics
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

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