Smartphone Data Acquisition

The applications on your smartphone are continuously storing data by accessing the phones built in GPS receivers.  Information such as speed, route and position could potentially be accessed.  This information could serve a valuable purpose when it comes to reconstructing accidents.  A Kineticorp team lead by William Neale explored the logistics and validity of this information.

Publication Introduction:

Monitoring a vehicles speed and recording the path of travel are parameters that can be integral in analyzing an accident or the time-space relationship between vehicles or pedestrians. Technologies such as photogrammetry or specially designed units such as the Race Logic VBOX are widely accepted and utilized tools for determining these parameters. The complication implementing this technology or using bulky equipment can be costly, cumbersome, and in some cases unnecessarily robust depending on what data actually needs to be collected. Using a smart phone to determine speed, elevation change, and position data could be useful in situations where the level of detail offered by other devices or technology is not needed. The smartphone could also help in situations where carrying equipment to a testing area is difficult. Below is a list of the types of situations where collecting speed, elevation change, and position data using only a phone might be particularly useful.  ….. Read more

Full Publication:

SAE 2016-01-1461 – Data Acquisition using Smart Phone Applications


William Neale, David Danaher, Sean McDonough, Tomas Owens

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SAE 2016-01-1461 – Data Acquisition using Smart Phone Applications

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