Photo & Video Analysis

Photo Analysis

Photogrammetry is the art and science of taking reliable measurements from photographs and video. Kineticorp personnel have been using camera matching photogrammetry and developing photogrammetric techniques since 2000. Kineticorp developed and currently teaches a course titled “Photogrammetry and Analysis of Digital Media” offered by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Kineticorp also created a photogrammetry application titled “Digital Reverse Camera Projection” allowing users to perform onsite photogrammetry solutions using an Android tablet or device. With years of experience to draw from and a growing number of photogrammetry-based publications, Kineticorp is well suited for any scale or type of photogrammetry project, including single-image photogrammetry, multi-view photogrammetry, photoscanning, camera-matching photogrammetry, photo mapping, and photo projections.

Video Analysis

Kineticorp offers a wide range of video analyses including video clarification, video synchronizing, video tracking, and object tracking. Video analysis can also incorporate photogrammetry which is sometimes referred to as videogrammetry. This form of video analysis uses principles of photogrammetry with the added dimension of time, to accurately locate objects within a video or even solve for the position of the video recording device over time. Positional data over time can then be used to determine vehicle speed, object locations, object trajectories and distances from other objects. Today video can come from may devices including surveillance footage, cell phones, dash cameras, body worn cameras, sports cameras, 360° or VR cameras, and professional video cameras. Analysis of these videos can be helpful in many disciplines and types of civil and criminal cases including use of force, sports injuries, biomechanics, vehicle accident reconstruction, nighttime visibility, premise liability, fire origin, and shootings.

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