Kineticorp offers a wide variety of services. In addition to high-quality visualizations, Kineticorp has a team of dedicated and skilled forensic engineers on staff to assist with your legal animation and reconstruction needs. Our expertise ranges from photogrammetry and accident reconstruction to nighttime visibility and industrial accidents.


Our experts’ credentials and experience give them the know-how to lay the foundation for our work and to have it admitted at the time of trial. We pride ourselves on… Read More


Our computer modeling and visualization capabilities enable us to analyze complex events and then to communicate our findings to a jury. We strive to create courtroom… Read More

Engineering Analysis

Kineticorp’s engineers and reconstructionists use physics, computer modeling, physical testing, and reliable and rigorous analytical techniques to determine how and why… Read More

Photo & Video Analysis

Kineticorp’s visualization staff offers services in the field of image and video analysis and enhancement. This includes security and surveillance videos, digital photos… Read More


Kineticorp’s team of Accident Reconstructionists and Forensic Animators are dedicated to leading the industry in research. The testing and research that goes into our cases allow our experts to answer the specific questions that…  Read More


Quality accident reconstruction depends on well-documented physical evidence. During our investigation, we focus on documenting the evidence with survey equipment… Read More

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