Sean McDonough

Senior Engineer

• Accident Reconstruction
• Heavy truck ECM Imaging
• Passenger Vehicle CDR data
• Wheel-Offs/Stud & Lug Nut Failure
• Tire Maintenance and Standard of Care
• Vehicle Maintenance and Standard of Care

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Sean McDonough evaluates vehicular accidents to determine the sequence of events leading up to the accident, using 3-D scanning and surveying to generate a 3-D environment to accurately reconstruct the accident. He also employs accepted principles of crush energy, impact momentum, and planar mechanics to determine speeds, principle direction of force (PDOF), and with the use of PC Crash, he evaluates time and spatial relationships of vehicular accidents.

In addition to the wide range of crashes that he has analyzed, Mr. McDonough brings a wealth of automotive maintenance expertise. As an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified Master Mechanic, Mr. McDonough has firsthand knowledge of policies and procedures that maintenance professionals are required to follow, as well as in-depth knowledge surrounding the consequences of poor practices. Twelve years of this hands-on experience, combined with a Master’s degree in Mechanical engineering, make Mr. McDonough extremely valuable in determining the role of the failure of mechanical components or simply poor maintenance practices in crash reconstruction. Sean has experience in working on cases for Ford Motor Company and United Parcel Service.

While obtaining his Master’s Degree, Mr. McDonough designed, analyzed, and manufactured medical devices used in neurosurgery. From the devices constructed, a provisional patent was obtained and licensing negotiations are currently being explored.

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At Kineticorp we use our expertise to empower others to become experts. Sometimes we will go to such lengths as literally tearing a car apart to do so. That’s exactly what Automotive Systems Specialist Sean McDonough, PE and his team did in a recent case involving a power steering claim; they took the steering system out of a car and rebuilt it’s main components so lawyers and jury members could see the inner workings and functionality in full display. Check out the video to see how they did it.

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