SAE International World Congress 2019 – Kineticorp Recognition

At SAE International (World Congress 2019) we presented 10 of the 11 papers we published through SAE International this year! The reason Kineticorp emphasizes research isn’t for the accolades or CV credentials that these publications provide; it’s the first-hand knowledge that comes with doing the research.  That knowledge gives us the ability to answer intricate questions on cases.  It’s the foundation for our findings and understanding of complex questions. Here is a list of this year’s SAE publication subjects.

o Heavy Truck Acceleration
o Low Severity Override
o Yawing Tire Tread Detachment
o 3-Wheeled Motorcycles
o Drone Scene Scanning
o Video Tracking of Left-Turning Vehicle Acceleration
o Nighttime Visibility
o AR & Reverse Camera Projection
o Site Reconstruction Using USGS, LiDAR, and Photogrammetry
o EDRs: Tread Separation/High Speed Yaw
o EDRs: Oblique & Offset Crashes

Featured Authors: William Neale, Nathan A. Rose, William Bortles, Gray Beauchamp, M.S., P.E., David Danaher, P.E., Neal Carter, Jim Marr, Toby Terpstra, David Allen Pentecost M.S., P.E., Nathan McKelvey, Steven Beier, Drew Donaldson, Sean McDonough, Daniel Koch, George S. Rayburn, Ryan Hostetle