Ryan Hostetler 

Accident Reconstructionist

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Ryan Hostetler has a broad range of experience. After participating in an internship at Kineticorp, he was then offered a full time position. During his internship, Mr. Hostetler assisted in accident reconstruction using three-dimensional laser scanning technology and numerous computer applications. He also assisted in research and development, including co-authoring two technical reports published by Society of Automotive Engineers.

Prior to his experience at Kineticorp, Mr. Hostetler interned for Tower Engineering Professionals where he assisted in the design of telecommunication facilities using AutoCAD. He was responsible for designing cellular towers containing antennas, microwaves, electrical appliances etc. for U.S. Cellular and Verizon. His final drawings were submitted to a Professional Engineer for approval. Mr. Hostetler has gained experience with AutoCAD through his former internships. In addition to his engineering experience, Mr. Hostetler also worked for Welltown Brewery, a brewery in Tulsa, Oklahoma for his senior design project. For this project, he designed a sidecar chassis and bar. The process of this design included the fabrication of components and dynamic analysis and testing using a Racelogic VBOX 3i.

Mr. Hostetler investigates and reconstructs vehicular accidents throughout the US. Mr. Hostetler conducts investigations of accidents involving passenger cars and commercial vehicles including articulated truck and trailer combinations.

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