Renee Brumbaugh

Accident Reconstructionist
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Renee Brumbaugh (Accident Reconstructionist) investigates and reconstructs vehicular accidents. She analyzes evidence, conducts vehicle and scene inspections, and performs calculations using principles of physics. Ms. Brumbaugh has investigated and reconstructed accidents involving passenger vehicles and articulated tractor-trailer combinations. Many of these accidents involved roadside barriers and rollover events.

Ms. Brumbaugh has experience analyzing physical evidence related to vehicular crashes as well as surveying, documenting, and 3D scanning of vehicles and scene evidence.

Ms. Brumbaugh has experience utilizing accident reconstruction software including PC Crash and HVE. This software is used to analyze dynamic crash sequences including multi-vehicle collisions and barrier impacts.

Prior to joining Kineticorp in 2018, Ms. Brumbaugh was a manufacturing engineering intern at Exotic Metals Forming Company. Ms. Brumbaugh has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

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