What is Pixel Tracking?

Pixel tracking is a methodology for determining the position and speed of objects that are visible in video footage captured with only one camera.  Objects are tracked in the video footage based on the change in pixels that represent the objects movement. Commercially available programs such as PF Track and Adobe After Effects contain automated pixel tracking features that record the position of the pixel over time, using the video’s resolution as a Cartesian coordinate system.

Publication Introduction:

Camera matching photogrammetry is an established technique for determining where, in a scaled three dimensional environment, an object is located that is visually represented in a two dimensional photograph [1,2,3,4]. Though a photograph is only a two dimensional image, it visually represents a three dimensional world, and techniques of camera matching photogrammetry allow the position, orientation and scale of objects visible in the photograph to be located in a three dimensional environment through laws of perspective… Read more

Full Publication:

SAE 2016-01-1478 – Determining Position & Speed through Pixel Tracking and 2D Coordinate Transformation in 3D Environment


William T. C. Neale, David Hessel, Daniel Koch

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