Accident Reconstruction

Photogrammetry Analysis

Photogrammetry is used to make reliable measurements by the use of photographs or videos. At Kineticorp, photogrammetry analysis is a regular tool that we use to help reconstruct crashes from photos or video. The video illustrates how simple the concept of photogrammetry really is. Kineticorp has lead research in this area and an example of our photogrammetry research can be found below.

Related Case Studies, Content & Research:

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SAE 2016-01-1478 – Determining Position & Speed through Pixel Tracking and 2D Coordinate Transformation in 3D Environment 
SAE 2016-01-1475 – A Survey of Multi-View Photogrammetry Software for Documenting Vehicle Crush
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SAE 2016-01-1467 – Evaluation of the Accuracy of Image Based Scanning as a Basis for Photogrammetric Reconstruction of...
SAE 2013-01-0788 – Video Projection Mapping Photogrammetry through Video Tracking
SAE 2011-01-0286 – Photogrammetric Measurement Error Associated with Lens Distortion
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SAE 2009-01-0110 – Simulating Headlamp Illumination Using Photometric Light Clusters
SAE 2006-01-0723 – Image Analysis of Rollover Crash Tests Using Photogrammetry
SAE 2004-01-1221 – A Video Tracking Photogrammetry Technique to Survey Roadways for Accident Reconstruction
SAE 2001-01-3313 – Determining Crash Data Using Camera Matching Photogrammetric Technique
I CRASH 2000 – Using Digital Photogrammetry to Determine Crash Severity
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SAE 1997-970944 – Accident Scene Diagramming Using New Photogrammetric Technique
NAFE, REF:308S, Photogrammetric Accident Analysis – Forensic Engineering Comparison of Two & Three Dimensional Photogrammetric Accident Analysis

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