Martin Randolph


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Martin Randolph investigates, researches, and reconstructs vehicular accidents. He performs calculations using principles of physics and numerical methods, analyzes physical evidence, and uses computer simulation programs to examine vehicle dynamics as related to accident reconstruction.

Mr. Randolph investigates accidents involving passenger vehicles, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and buses. He has also reconstructed accidents involving post-collision fires and analyzed single vehicle rollover accidents. Mr. Randolph has conducted vehicle and scene inspections using 3D scanning equipment, surveying tools, and cameras.

Mr. Randolph is an Engineer at Kineticorp, LLC, a Denver, CO organization specializing in accident reconstruction and research. Prior to his employment at Kineticorp, Mr. Randolph worked as Design Engineer for a medical device manufacturer specializing in orthodontic appliances at RMO in Denver (2011 – 2014). His responsibilities included aiding in new product design within the research and development team, implementing and validating automated production equipment, quality control, and supporting manufacturing operations.

Mr. Randolph has practical automotive experience working in a motorsports chassis fabrication facility (2001 to 2002) and functioning as a lead mechanic for a championship winning race team (1996 to 2000). He also possesses a Colorado Class A commercial driver’s license and motorcycle license.

Mr. Randolph has performed research in estimations of driver following distances. He co-authored “How Accurate are Witness Distance Estimates Given in Car Lengths?” – a technical article for the estimation of driver following distances, published in Collision Magazine, Vol 10, Issue 2, Spring 2016.
Mr. Randolph has also assisted with comparison of the accuracy of aftermarket data acquisition systems.

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