What is a Lug Stud Pattern?

A lug-stud pattern is the pattern deposited from the lug studs on a vehicle’s wheels in a side swipe event. The pattern the lug studs leave behind can give a substantial amount of information when reconstructing an accident. Kineticorp’s Will Bortles and David Hessel have developed a specific simulation program to help us better understand what these lug stud patterns tell us about an accident.   

Publication Introduction:

In some sideswipe collisions, protruding wheel studs and/or lugs, like those found on the steer axle of a commercial vehicle, can contact and interact with components on another vehicle. As the wheel with the protruding wheel studs rotates, the wheel studs deposit direct contact damage in the patterns of a series of arcs. Figures 1 and 2 show the protruding wheel studs from a commercial vehicle and a wheel stud trace pattern that has been deposited onto the body of the other vehicle…Read more

Full Publication:

SAE 2017-01-1414 – Application of 3D Visualization in Modeling Wheel Stud Contact Patterns with Rotating and Stationary Surfaces


Will Bortles, David Hessel, William Neale

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