Jim Marr

Principal Forensic Animator

• Video Analysis
• Photogrammetry
• Nighttime Visibility
• Videography/Photography
• 3D Animation and Visualization

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Mr. Marr graduated with a Bachelor in Media Arts and Animation, as well as a Bachelor in Business and Administration, and brings over 20 years of experience to Kineticorp. As a Principal Forensic Animator at Kineticorp, Mr. Marr works to create compelling forensic visualizations based upon a foundation of scientific facts, mechanics, and dynamics. His visualizations and work include shooting incidents, vehicular accidents, and environmental impact matters. Mr. Marr has worked on hundreds of legal visualizations and animations for several top-rated attorneys and experts in the country and has seen his work admitted in Federal and State courts all over the United States.

When the visibility of an object or person in the roadway from a driver’s perspective is an issue, the potential effect of moonlight is sometimes questioned. Mr. Marr has conducted thorough research on nighttime visibility in varying moonlight conditions and has written several publications on video tracking and projection mapping, and 3D visualization.

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In accident reconstruction, photogrammetry processes such as camera matching are used to obtain measurements of physical evidence. This paper builds on existing methods by applying rectification principles to each frame.

This is a detailed animation example of a bike and car collision created by Kineticorp. Jim and the visualization team were able to recreate the accident using images and video surveillance footage from the scene.

Pedestrians are often vulnerable road users, especially at night. In this animation, we show a pedestrian crash and examine how a driver’s visibility may be affected due to lighting and weather conditions.

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