Testifying Experts

Kineticorp’s experts have testified in more than 100 jury trials around the country. These experts deliver clear, concise, and compelling presentations in the courtroom that help juries, lawyers, and judges understand the technical issues involved in the case. Our experience, education, research, and rigorous analysis methods consistently result in our work being admitted at the time of trial. Kineticorp’s work satisfies the Daubert standards and our firm has an exceptional record of our testimony and exhibits being admitted in trial. We also encourage an internal culture of peer-review and critique that prepares us well for trial and helps us to maintain credibility and clarity in the face of rigorous cross-examination.


Kineticorp’s experts have extensive expertise in vehicular accident reconstruction and we have reconstructed thousands of crashes involving every type of vehicle. Employing cutting-edge analytical techniques, our team gathers, analyzes, and interprets physical and digital evidence to deliver an accurate picture of how an accident happened. Our engineers and visualization staff then work together to create trial exhibits that represent and communicate the findings of our investigation and analysis in a clear, concise, and compelling manner.

Admissibility in the Courtroom

We are committed to a rigorous level of analysis that ensures that our investigation, analysis, and exhibits will be admitted at the time of trial. We employ analytical techniques that are tested, reliable, and peer-reviewed. For each of our analytical techniques, we can provide a list of peer-reviewed, published studies pertaining to their validity and accuracy.

Component Analysis

Our engineers are trained and experienced in analyzing accident outcomes at the vehicle component level, giving us the groundwork to interact with other experts in areas such as vehicle design, fire cause and origin, and biomechanics. Evidence is interpreted using scientific principles to draw conclusions regarding every facet of the event.


  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Video Analysis
  • Photogrammetry
  • Physical Models
  • Nighttime Visibility
  • Tire Maintenance & Analysis
  • EDR Analysis
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Excessive Force
  • Trains & Transportation
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