POMA, May 2019 – Empirical Evaluation of in-field, Binaural Record and Playback Reproduction

Empirical evaluation of in-field, binaural record and playback reproduction

Authors: William Neale, Gray Beauchamp, Toby Terpstra,

Published by: POMA – Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics 


This research evaluates a methodology for calibrating in field, sounds for playback in a separate, interior environment. The ability to record sounds in the field and playback them accurately in a different environment is useful when the end user, or listener cannot be present at the location where the sound is being produced live. In forensics, for example, an expert or juror may need to evaluate an acoustic or auditory issue but not have access to the site where the sound is produced. The methodology presented here utilizes a binaural microphone where participants in the field, listen to a physical sound, and calibrate the binaural microphone by adjusting recording levels until the sound heard in their headphones matches the sound being produced live in the field. A second group of participants are presented with the same live physical sound but in an interior environment. Using the same setup, these participants compare the live sound with the recorded and reproduced sound calibrated by the in-field participants. Participants in this second group empirically evaluate the similarity of the reproduced sound to the live physical sound in the interior environment.

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