Drew Donaldson

Forensic Engineer

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Drew Donaldson investigates, researches, and reconstructs vehicular accidents. He performs calculations using principles of physics and numerical methods, analyzes physical evidence, and uses computer simulation programs to examine vehicle dynamics as related to accident reconstruction.

Mr. Donaldson investigates accidents involving passenger vehicles, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and buses. Mr. Donaldson has conducted vehicle and scene inspections using 3D scanning equipment, surveying tools, and cameras.

Mr. Donaldson is an Engineer at Kineticorp, LLC, a Denver, CO organization specializing in accident reconstruction and research. Prior to his employment at Kineticorp, Mr. Donaldson worked as Application Engineer for a water control products manufacturer specializing in water control gates at Hydro Gate in Denver (2015-2017). His responsibilities included configuring and overseeing design and production of numerous custom water control gate products and systems for use in municipal, water & wastewater, industrial, infrastructure, and military applications. Mr. Donaldson also worked as Technical Support Engineer for a 3D printing, 3D scanning, and CAD software company at 3D Systems in Lakewood (2013-2015), where he gained experience in 3D scanning applications and scanners, including scanner technology and usage, software connection and scan data processing, reverse engineering from scan data, and first-article inspection and verification using 3D scanning technology.

Mr. Donaldson has practical automotive experience working in an automotive roll cage and exhaust fabrication facility (2012 to 2013) where he helped design and fabricate roll cages for race cars, drift cars, offroad vehicles, and other custom applications. He has experience in machine shop fabrication and automotive racing safety, design, and fabrication techniques.

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