David R. Hessel

Senior Forensic Animator

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David Hessel has investigated and analyzed accidents specializing in the areas of computer simulation, animation, photogrammetry, video analysis, lighting, and visibility. During his undergraduate studies he also completed 2 years of education in engineering. Since 2002, Mr. Hessel has continued development in these areas, and gained additional experience in area of forensic engineering including investigating and reconstructing accidents involving pedestrians, bicycles, passenger cars, trains, airplanes, commercial vehicles, articulated truck and trailer combinations, vehicular accidents involving roadside barriers and terrain features, and industrial accidents. Mr. Hessel is proficient in 3D modeling and visualization software, including AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max.

In the course of his professional work, Mr. Hessel has conducted research in these areas:

  • Visibility and Vehicle Illumination
  • Photogrammetry, 3D Visualization, and Motion Tracking
  • Yaw Marks and Striations

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