Alireza Hashemian

Forensic Animator

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Alireza Hashemian utilizes photogrammetry and visualization techniques, along with his engineering background in vehicle dynamics and stability, to derive vehicle impact configurations and nighttime lighting and visibility scenarios. He uses his skills in 3D modeling, animation, lighting, rendering, and video and audio analysis to create accurate and informative representative courtroom visual aids such as animations and diagrams.

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During his two years of graduate study, Mr. Hashemian conducted research in the area of vehicle dynamics and stability. This research included mathematical modeling of instabilities in articulated vehicles, unstable due to mass distribution, and analyzing the physics of vehicle rollover through mathematical modeling and examination of empirical data from rollovers. Mr. Hashemian has also performed research in the areas of heat transfer and thermal science including design and construction of an evaporative cooler while utilizing misting nozzles and high pressure pump to improve the efficiency of cooling. He also developed computer program to obtain temperature distribution for Finite 2D elements. Finally, Mr. Hashemian designed, built, and programmed a robotic arm with five degrees of freedom. The arm was controlled using a Basic Stamp micro controller chip.


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